Hip-hop/Jazz: that’s rank!! by Kitz Willman

that’s rank!! – Kitz Willman (2019)
banned era records

  1. Commit to the Damage
  2. Constant Vision
  3. Pay No Moon No Sun No Mind
  4. Catch Crop
  5. Clay Pigeons

From bandcamp:
that’s rank!! was recorded in late summer 2019 in Kingston, Ontario. the project is entirely self-recorded, self-produced, and released through Banned Era Records.

each song on that’s rank!! orbits around a hook or refrain while sonically tracing the lineage of jazz oriented hip-hop. unlike previous KW releases, this project follows the guidelines of traditional pop songwriting. this is especially true for the cover of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons” that closes out the album.

in terms of production, the sound on that’s rank!! is simple; piano, bass, drums, and saxophone. while there’s a mixture of additional sounds throughout, this classic quartet jazz set-up is the base from front to back. the beats are much more accessible than prior KW projects. production is especially straightforward on “Catch Crop,” guided by nothing more than a piano, bass, snare, and a kick drum. the record’s greatest sonic departure comes with “Constant Vision,” featuring sampled guitar, thundering kicks, and a distorted woodwind outro. the remaining tracks fall within the perimeter of piano chords and the constant ping and patter of a jazzy ride cymbal.

this album is the second vocal+production release from Kitz Willman in 2019, accompanying the also-19-minute sprinter speak in marathon.

banned era records
released November 19, 2019

Kitz Willman – vocals, production, saxophone, engineering, art design

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