Experimental/Jazz/Poetry: A New Phase of Tox by Kitz Willman

A New Phase of Tox – Kitz Willman (2019)
banned era records

  1. Weapons, Ahh!!
  2. Email from the Old Country
  3. Ste. Dominique’s Forest
  4. Roses Heave
  5. Lemon Zinger
  6. Detained in Banduristan
  7. Longueuil non-soniq
  8. Food Court Roller Coaster Zamboni Methodology
  9. Bark of the Border Collie (The Trumpet Finely Sounded)
  10. Don Draper’s Grandson
  11. Working Away
  12. Watch What Happens When a Normal Human Being Watches TV
  13. My Body is a Cage
  14. Paradise Found

From bandcamp:
an album of necessity, a new phase of tox arose when separated from comfort. disconnected from the arm rest and the water tap. hunched over, unable to hotkey, travelling to stationary after stationary, what else to do but continue spilling?

improvisation is fundamental to this project. planning around blueprints around demos around streaming services gets stale. is stale. a new phase of tox about where music needn’t be. a new phase of tox about the same old shit. a new phase of tox about the value of an artist. a new phase of tox about what it means to mean. to middle. to average. to age appropriate questions of gratitude, sanctity. a rag in the gas tank of a cop cruiser. sampling self. returning, or rather, visiting for the first time with my own self. how do i sound spoken?

take with this your daily fly.
and zipper.
and pucker.
and breach-buying drapes.
we step on worry like grapes.
it take tiiiiiiiime.

i have a photo of a piano chord chart favourited on my tellular phone. i have only had a saxophone touch my lips when spring turned to summer and summer faded into the fall. archived recordings. archive recording. permission seekers sitting in the bleachers. a new phase of tox about what it means to concoct. to culd. to spill like honey jars, sharding slowly. patient.

a new phase of whatever the skull companies don’t want. don’t find intrinsically tied to numbers on their rectangle in only certain apps. to pale blue lips. to numb the noses of baby birds who are patient, resting.

again, it take time.

the first time i ever held a bandura, i was sitting by a fireplace somewhere in between Banduristan and Kolonianada. far from any anthropology conference, the secrets spilled out. i was briefly detained before being resurrected in the same place as my dad’s dad’s mother which is to say my grandpa’s mother which is to say my great grandmother which is to exclaim “why?!” but sounding more like sheho. it take time to accustomize to chuzyna, lest we assimilate first or claw back against tombstone erosion. but we never bury near water. we always bury near water. we never burn a body. we always burn a body.

i manufacture and sell weapons.

cops are those who
carve out people’s souls
causing only painful shrieks
condemning our peaceful streets
curing only profit saliva
cull or proliferate sanctity
colonially officiate peaceless settlements
demoted, internal ends
piled into graves speedily
indubitably excellent!!

i do not appreciate police or policing. and i certainly won’t ask permission to say so. why would i ask for anything less than eradication of the law? of the colonial laws? of academic hazing? of the concocted imaginary of trespass? of anything declared popely by Tommaso Parentucelli? of some guy who say colonialism and slavery are ill and i wear a big hat born by shades of smoke so let that be that? of disciplinary thought? of newspapers owned by forceful decision-makers peddling rags of war? i contest. i do not accept the corporations born of anything authorized by militarized police, north, west, royal, canadian, or otherwise. i do not accept the myths of nation or a corporation depicted as person.

self-recorded, self-produced, self-released, it’s a new phase of tox about improvisational freestyle music and the goals of algorithmic taste.
you cannot stream forever. lockbox token breach.

weapons sell and manufacture i.

released November 26, 2019

Kitz Willman – saxophone, bandura, guitar, piano, drums, synthesizers, vocals, voice, sampling, lyrics, poetry, field recordings, art design, archival searches, and any & all additional instrumentation.

recorded in:
Saskatoon, Saskatchewan
Kingston, Ontario
Toronto, Ontario
Ottawa, Ontario
Sydney, Nova Scotia
Cheticamp, Nova Scotia
Longueuil, Quebec

banned era records

*track 13 lyrics written by Jeremy Gara, Regine Chassagne, Richard R. Parry, Tim Kingsbury, William Butler, and Win Butler.

Hip-hop/Jazz: that’s rank!! by Kitz Willman

that’s rank!! – Kitz Willman (2019)
banned era records

  1. Commit to the Damage
  2. Constant Vision
  3. Pay No Moon No Sun No Mind
  4. Catch Crop
  5. Clay Pigeons

From bandcamp:
that’s rank!! was recorded in late summer 2019 in Kingston, Ontario. the project is entirely self-recorded, self-produced, and released through Banned Era Records.

each song on that’s rank!! orbits around a hook or refrain while sonically tracing the lineage of jazz oriented hip-hop. unlike previous KW releases, this project follows the guidelines of traditional pop songwriting. this is especially true for the cover of Blaze Foley’s “Clay Pigeons” that closes out the album.

in terms of production, the sound on that’s rank!! is simple; piano, bass, drums, and saxophone. while there’s a mixture of additional sounds throughout, this classic quartet jazz set-up is the base from front to back. the beats are much more accessible than prior KW projects. production is especially straightforward on “Catch Crop,” guided by nothing more than a piano, bass, snare, and a kick drum. the record’s greatest sonic departure comes with “Constant Vision,” featuring sampled guitar, thundering kicks, and a distorted woodwind outro. the remaining tracks fall within the perimeter of piano chords and the constant ping and patter of a jazzy ride cymbal.

this album is the second vocal+production release from Kitz Willman in 2019, accompanying the also-19-minute sprinter speak in marathon.

banned era records
released November 19, 2019

Kitz Willman – vocals, production, saxophone, engineering, art design