Experimental Hip-hop: Ancient Fish from the Northwest by Kay the Aquanaut and Kitz Willman

Ancient Fish from the Northwest – Kay the Aquanaut and Kitz Willman (2020)
Hello.L.A. (France)
Hip-hop/Rap/Experimental Hip-hop

  1. A Tangerine Sunset at the Pine River Dam
  2. Pussywillows & Cattails
  3. IceAge Galleria
  4. Cascadia Cicada
  5. The Government Street Gallows
  6. Ancient Fish
  7. Ooh… They Want Young Blood
  8. Watch Out for the Sharkman
  9. Versace Teargas
  10. Chokeholds & Chicken Wings
  11. Stockholm Freestyle


The first collaboration between rapper Kay the Aquanaut and producer Kitz Willman. Ancient Fish from the Northwest features Kay’s ubiquitous flows over Kitz’s dynamic production. Kay in particular is fired up on this release, spitting some of his most fiery bars like on “Stockholm Freestyle” when he says “there were never any ‘good old’ days!” or the anthemic refrain of “DIY til I DIE!” in “IceAge Galleria.” These 11-tracks are weird, feisty, and raw. The album is for anarchist minded hip-hop fans that favor underground and experimental approaches to the music. Forward-thinking and present-minded. This is the Ancient Fish. Cassettes were issued by French label Hello.L.A. but tapes are sold out.

released November 24, 2020

this album was recorded in Mulmur Township in July/August 2020.
vocals and lyrics: Kay the Aquanaut
production, saxophone, drums, mixing, engineering: Kitz Willman
additional production on track 5: Kay the Aquanaut
album art: 319 Heads

Kay the Aquanaut

Kitz Willman

Romance is Dead, archival digital photograph by Aida Muluneh (2016)
Dreams and Delusions (part 2), digital archival photo by Aïda Muluneh
The Morning Bride, digital archival photo by Aïda Muluneh
Memory of Libya, digital archival photo by Aïda Muluneh
The More Loving One (part 1), digital archival photo by Aïda Muluneh

Freestyle Fellowship @ Whisky a Go Go, Hollywood 7/16/1998

Hip-hop legends Freestyle Fellowship (Myka 9, Aceyalone, Self Jupiter, P.E.A.C.E. backed by DJ Kilu) at the top of their game at the Whisky a Go Go in Los Angeles on July 16th, 1998. The way the crowd is going off finishing bars and even shouting full verses… goosebumps! An electric atmosphere like none other. I also love how many people are clambering sidestage to the point of being on it. Looks more like Code Orange playing This Is Hardcore than any hip-hop shows I’ve personally been to. Mark this video as aspirational!

“Who is the crew that brought you misery!?”

phone death, acrylic and gouache on panel, by Posy Legge (2021)
Chevy at Dusk, 12” x 16” Oil and acrylic on wood panel by Nancy Friedland
Kirk’s favourite house, acrylic and gouache on panel by Posy Legge (2021)
Swede’s Mistress, oil on canvas by Paige Turner-Uribe (2019)

Hip-hop/Jazz: bob’s son: R.A.P. Feirreira in the garden level cafe of the scallops hotel by R.A.P. Ferreira

bob’s son: R.A.P. Ferreira in the garden level cafe of the scallops hotel – R.A.P. Ferreira (2021)
Ruby Yacht (USA)

1. battle report ft Pink Navel
2. the cough bomber’s return
3. yamships, flaxscript
4. diogenes on the auction block
5. redguard snipers ft SB the Moor
6. sips of ripple wine (no stemware)
7. skrenth
8. bobby digital’s little wings
9. listening
10. high rise in newark
11. rejoice ft Eldon Somers
12. abomunist manifesto

From bandcamp:
this album is an ode to the poet bob kaufman
the inventor of frink and beat
the progenitor of abomunism
the chief bomkoff
connoisseur of oatmeal cookies

take a quick trip to the coffeeshop

ciphersnappers&wordbenders only

released January 1, 2021

all rhymes courtesy r.a.p. ferreira
all sounds courtesy your friends at the scallops hotel
recorded at soulfolks think tank & menagerie, Biddeford, ME august 2019
mixed at kenny’s house by scallops hotel, LA october 2019
mastered at cosmic zoo studios by daddy kev, LA october 2019
bob’s son art by angel carpenter

men do not know how that which is drawn in different directions harmonizes with itself. the harmonious structure of the world depends upon opposite tension like that of the bow and the lyre.
heraclitus, fragment 51

An absolutely stunning collection of rap songs. The combo of R.A.P. on his own scallops hotel production is as delicious as always. It was a magical experience taking this album for a headphoned winter walk in Winnipeg and, having visited the bob’s son cafe pre-release, I already had spatial memories attached to the album. One particular part I want to highlight comes at the end of the intro track. In the song, “battle report” featuring Pink Navel, Navel belts out the good news of the cough bombers return. “The cough bomber has returned to us my friend!” That part always gets stuck in my head and it sounds like it’s a sample, so cool. This is a special work by R.A.P. Ferreira and a beautiful tribute to and dialogue with Bob Kaufman. “frinky little emcees must get dissed!”